Voices - Isabella Scott


Gallery 1202 proudly presents our latest show in our online exclusive series, 'Voices', featuring Isabella Scott.


"Primal War, Dead Roses, and String These Things are all the products of the aftereffect of adolescents. These photographs are all self-portraits. These self-portraits demonstrate the beauty, power, and grace that I have grown into through years of self discovery.


At the young age of eighteen, I met opposition in pretty much every aspect of my life. The crippling effects of self doubt and confusion of what life should be were huge burdens that led to a lack of confidence and dysphoria. This displeasure, mixed with unnacceptable decisions created a persona that I could no longer recognize as myself. I stayed this way for over a year. 


These photographs were taken experiementally, and purely on the impulse that I just had to create something. The results astonished me. The girl in these portraits was a woman. A woman full of strength that was bold and beautiful. Seeing myself this way, naked except for the paint, flowers, and small strings, revealed I was no longer this eighteen year old with burdens tucked and smashed in every pocket. The strings gripping my hands finally felt loosened and the dead roses were coming back to life. I felt so empowered and unchained. This series of work demonstrates me finally taking control and falling in love with myself again."

-Isabella Scott

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