Emily May

Strawberry Forest, 2022
preserved leaves, grass, berries, flowers on wood panel enclosed in acrylic case
15.25 x 15.25 x 0.50 in
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"We visited La Barronca park after my son had his “moving on ceremony,” from preschool. This was the first “adventure” we went on during my two weeks off after the kids finished school for the year. They ran ahead, immediately curious about all the different plants, but especially drawn to the Strawberry Trees. Strawberry trees look similar to Manzanita trees, but are easily domesticated and grow small berries on them. The kids always love to collect items wherever we go, and they “gift” them to me. This time it was a dance between gifting and eating, because the fruits are edible and beautiful! They picked up a couple of treasures along the way, climbed in trees and frolicked along the path. It was the perfect way for them to start their summer. They enjoyed watching me preserve the items, and design the final composition, although they still tried to steal some of the berries to eat. I am not entirely sure how those berries will react over time to being preserved. Will they fight it and decay anyway? Will they succumb to it and remain trapped in time? I look forward to finding out, and sharing that discovery with my children."